Hike through the lush tropical paradise of Rota, dive the iconic Rota Blue hole coveted by divers worldwide, explore the island's rich history influenced by the Empires of Spain, Germany and Japan, watch hundred's of birds at the cascading Bird Sanctuary, be the lucky few to see the rare & indigenous Mariana's Crow or bask on the secluded white sandy beaches.  Activies are bountiful on this peaceful island paradise and you've been missing out! 

Teteto Beach
Quiet sandy beaches with miles of ocean
North Island Tour
Swimming Hole, At Matmos Cliff
South Island Tour
Cave Museum & Japanese artifacts
Bird Sanctuary Tour
Experience Rota's treasured bird paradise with panoramic ocean views and brilliant sunrise and sunsets
Dive into "Rota Blue"
Explore nature's miracle, "Rota Hole"
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