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Please contact us for any questions or to book your amazing Rota stay-cation.

We are more than happy to assist and be a part of your vacation experience and look forward to welcoming you to Rota Resort & Country Club.


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Contact Us
P.O. Box 938, Rota, MP 96951 CNMI   

Phone: 1 (670) 532-1155  

Fax: 1 (670) 532-1156 


Guam Office

Phone: 1(671) 645-3424  


The Rota Fortune Corp and its members are not in any way associated  with Rota Resort & Country Club (RRCC). Please be advised that any actions, news releases or promotions that are part of Rota Fortune Corporation regarding Rota are not part of RRCC (including Casino License). RRCC will not be responsible for anything related to Rota Fortune Corporation and its members.