Rota Island

Known by many names, "Luta", "The Friendliest Island", "The Peaceful Island", and "The Dream Get-Away Island", you name it. A short 20 minute flight from Guam & Saipan, Luta guarantee's a true once in a lifetime experience.


Rota is well known as a dream destination for scuba divers around the world for its clarity of ocean over 50 meters. The ocean in Rota emanates a blue-color impossible to describe which divers have dubbed it the “Rota Blue”.


Of course, the ocean is not the only attraction in Rota.  Rota's has a population of less than 3,000 people. There are ten(10) places on the island that is listed in the U.S. National Registry of Historic Places. Relics and undocumented history of the Spanish, German, and Japanese empire ownerships are visible throughout the island. The local Chamorro culture still lives on in this truly untouched beautiful island. 


Book dining or vacation charter packages with our hotel and experience the wonders of this serene island. You definitely must try our local exotic foods such as Coconut Crab and the famous Rota Potato.

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